FWS Job Opportunities

FWS Job Opportunities

This website is designed to show the various jobs available for students who are awarded Federal Work-Study (FWS) for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Click here to view the SPRING 2017 FWS job listings

You will see a listing of positions available. To discover more about the position, please click on the link to go to the description. Once you find a position or positions you are interested in applying for you will need to email the supervisor listed, detail your interest and any experience you may have for the position, include the days and/or hours that you are available to work, attach a copy of your award notice showing your FWS award and where possible please attach a resume. The supervisor will contact you to let know if the position is still open and/or to set up an interview. Please keep in mind that these positions are very competitive so the listings can change daily. We suggest that you periodically check the listings as they will change.


If you were awarded FWS then a Personnel Services Form (PSF) is a listed requirement to complete your FWS award. The PSF is an internal hiring form that is completed by the supervisor, the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA), and the Office of Human Resources (OHR). Once you have been hired the supervisor will need to initiate the PSF process with the appropriate person in their department. Please note that the PSF is required to be sent every year regardless if you are new hire or you are returning to a position previously worked. Once you and your supervisor come to a hiring agreement, please ensure that the PSF requirement is satisfied before you begin working. You may not begin working your FWS position until the PSF and all required OHR documentation is satisfied.


If you would like assistance with finding a position, please contact the FWS Coordinator, Brandon Bray or at 404.894.1962.